WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Warm Spots

You know that one day, a couple times in the season, where its suddenly warmer than the others? On those days, I never know what to wear because its warm enough that I don’t need a big jacket but cold enough that I still have to bundle up a bit. This Fashionisto here has helped me realize the best way to look good on those days mother nature is a little confused.

Kevin Jimenez experiences these warm spots more often than you may expect. I asked him about how he styles his outfits to stay both warm and stylish. Kevin is 19 and lives in New York. He was born in the Dominican Republic and moved here when he was three. That’s already a big climate change!. On these random warm days his staple item is always a windbreaker because It’s fairly light but provides enough protection. He then pairs that with any comfortable pants like jeans or sweats. Whichever he decides helps him determine what T-shirt and sneakers to put on. He also experiences some days that are warm but have that cold breeze still blowing. On those days he puts on a thicker jacket or overcoat and opts out of the t-shirt and puts on a sweater.

According to Kevin this look wasn’t so easy to put together. He says,”It took a couple years of experimenting and finding a style that fits me and my personality. Finding jackets that are light but still appropriate for colder weather.” He says this method works so well for him because “it allows me to feel and be myself yet still be warm and comfortable.” I would say that’s the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing any outfit.