WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Velvet

As the cold winter sets in and the layers add up, finding an outfit that looks good while keeping warm is important.  Unique finds are always nice to rock on a chilly day out with friends. Casual days don’t mean you have to sacrifice style, if you use your options right you are able to dominate any day.

During fashion week, a few of the main trends that were appearing were the use of velvet as well as patch work jeans.  A hoodie is the easiest way to keep yourself warm and cozy. Although velvet has been a reoccurring trend currently, using the material with a hoodie makes it much more unique.  Adding the velvet to this gives it a much more presentable look so the outfit feels more put together. The ripped acid washed patchwork jeans are a super trendy look that is great with this combination. Just using these details in the look, turns a boring hoodie and jean combination to an outfit that stands out. The shoes here are the Pirate Black Yeezy’s 350. The sneakers here are detailed with a grey incorporated pattern that add to the look down to the smallest feature. Complete this look by adding a backpack for your belongings for a day out. Upgrade your old cotton backpack with a nice material one to make a better overall look. The backpack here is faux leather with small gold stud detailing. Remember to accessorize with a watch for a more refined look.

Rapper Kanye West has a similar style and has paired a look that closely resembles this one. His fashion sense and line that he offers has an urban vibe that is refreshing from a lot that is available and circulating today. So when finding a casual outfit this winter that stands out, make sure to find pieces detailed with the latest trends like these to turn your essential basics to an urban fashionable look.