WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Session

WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Session

I’m super excited to be back for my second semester to report the latest fashions for you! Since I am not back on campus yet (SUNY New Paltz) I had to take it back to my roots for this post and show you some of the fashions from around my hometown!

After the holidays, the deep depression of winter comes. Everyone longs for warmer weather and no more snow. The only thing that keeps me going, personally, is getting to wear my new Christmas gifts, and spend all my gift cards on the latest fashions. It’s the perfect excuse to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, and rid of some of the things you don’t really wear anymore; almost like a pre-spring cleaning!

This Fashionisto is rocking a very cool yet versatile style. Heavy influence from New York street style, he wears Timberlands, and a layered vest and flannel are very common, especially during the colder seasons! Despite this post having pictures of a dude, this look can easily be recreated with some women’s cut garments to create a cool menswear look, especially with the help of whowhatwear.com!

Personally, I don’t like the way Timberlands make my feet look. I like to wear duck boots; they are super cute and comfy and are a great staple piece for the winter because they also make excellent snow boots! As for the flannel, I like the faded vintage look (this one is a bit pricey, however, I like to find my flannels at thrift stores to get the right style for me) with a solid black or white T-shirt under to keep the look toned down (however, the Fashionisto whom inspired this post is rocking the matching orange T-shirt under the navy flannel—super cool). As for the vest, you can never go wrong with a black puffer vest; they can be worn with just about anything and are warm enough to sport during the transitional seasons!

I love looks that can be recreated for men and women. I think that is the beauty of fashion; finding inspiration in pretty much anything, and reworking it to fit your style!