WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Rain

WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Rain

Here in Southern California where I live, we are always just a few degrees off from snow, but it still precipitates around here. Thus, the winter season is a rainy season for us. There have only been two winters so far where I have experienced snowfall at my house over the course of my lifetime… but I’m still waiting for those days to come again.

In this article, we will talk about what to wear on a cloudy/rainy day! During this cold weather, it is important to keep warm and dry to stay away from the cold and sickness it can bring to you. Here, our fellow Fashionisto is wearing a hooded beige coat with a gray sweater. Wearing a hood on a cloudy day is great because it can supply you with an emergency cover from the rain, or just keep your ears and neck warm! Neutral colors are great during the winter season—he is able to dress simply but still make it look stylish because of the color matching and style of clothing!

Chelsea boots are very fashionable and can help keep your feet warm. The boots add another flavor to the outfit instead of just wearing regular sneakers as they look more sophisticated, and are better suited for inclement weather. And to bring this outfit all together, he has put on a classic pair of dark-wash denim jeans with a black belt to match his shoes. The stark contrast between the light sweater and coat and the dark denim and boots makes this outfit stand out by adding depth to the whole look!

Looking stylish while staying warm and comfortable is achievable so go out there and express your creativity!