WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Classic

Happy Holidays! Or should I say cold days? Winter is definitely upon us, and it is leaving no one behind. With that being said, it can be hard to find something to wear that portrays personal style but also comfort in these next few cold months.

That is exactly why I found this Fashionista’s style so impressive! She was able to come up with something that is still super stylish, yet warm and cozy. It all starts with layers… From a sophisticated peacoat matched with a warm sweater, to a lovely matching blue and white blanket scarf. The coat isn’t as bulky as some, making it the perfect transition from fall to winter and a great match for a warm scarf. The neutral dark blue color of the coat also makes a great scenario for mixing other scarf colors if you ever want to change things up during the week!

She keeps things simple from the waist down. Blue jeans rolled up at the hem add a fun  and vintage element to the look, while keeping things casual. Her shoes are to die for, a nice pair of neutral heeled booties perfect for the winter months.

Voila! This Fashionista really kicked things in gear and inspired me to add a little charm into my other wise normal, outdoor winter look. She was able to come up with staple pieces that can be easily mix and matched with other details such as a hat, gloves, or a purse. A perfect look to those who are ready to face the cold in style!