WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Brunch Edition

January 12th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR:  Winter Brunch Edition

Morning bird or night owl, brunch is still the perfect occasion to hang with the girls no matter how late they sleep in. The thought of pancakes is appropriate for our friends just waking up at 10:30 a.m., but for our early risers, a wrap and fries are more in mind. Brunch is an event to show off your personal style to all your girlfriends. When picking a brunch outfit in the middle of winter, keep in mind the weather, as well.

Choosing garments that will keep you cozy is the key! Instead of pulling out a pair of sandals like you would in the summer, swap them out with some cute booties to match your outfit! To also keep you warm at brunch, throw on a sweater and boyfriend jeans. This makes the outfit adorable while also dressing according to the weather. Earlier I said when picking your outfit you should be keeping a personal style, and you should! The sweater, booties, and boyfriend jeans are basics, but what you add to make the outfit as a whole is what matters.

In this photoshoot, I was inspired by the confidence this Fashionista had in her style. The accessories, pops of color, and her slick straight hair made the outfit her own, and that’s what makes this outfit great for brunch. Simple changes like adding a vest and throwing on some riding boots or getting rid of the hat can make this someone else’s style for an afternoon brunch. All in all, this outfit is simple and charming but easy to change no matter what your style is. So hurry, it’s almost noon! Grab your sweater and coat, and you’re out the door for a fabulous brunch.