March 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Trying to face the cold weather in style isn’t always easy. However, you don’t have to compromise your body temperature for fashion if you take some notes from this Fashionista.

There’s nothing more chic and in season for winter than an all-black outfit. This Fashionista creates a dark base for her layered look with a black long sleeve shirt and detailed black leggings. She doesn’t want to fade into the crowd, or freeze, so she adds a warm faux shearling vest. The black on the inside of the vest allows for an easy transition from the black long sleeve shirt and leggings to the white in the vest. Faux shearling is such an easy and trendy way to stay warm this winter. Stella McCartney incorporated shearling into her pre-fall 2016 Collection as did Public School in its fall ready-to-wear collection, proving that this look is still in style.

Everyone knows that the best way to make a dark outfit stand out is to accessorize with red. Although this Fashionista didn’t go with the classic LBD and red heel look, the red boots by Hunter Boot are the perfect way to bring attention to her outfit in the winter months. As any good Fashionista does, she pays attention to detail and pairs her boots with white boot socks, which coordinate well with the white vest.

This chic Fashionista continues to accessorize her cozy look with mirrored aviator sunglasses, which is versatile for any season and looks great with black. The fact that her jewelry is simple and light is perfect because she already has three standout pieces in her outfit: the vest, the boots and the sunglasses.

Styling a layered outfit may be difficult at times, but it allows for a lot of versatility in your wardrobe when you mix and match with both simple and bold pieces. All you Fashionistas/os will be able to survive the cold and have fun while doing it when you play around with your wardrobe and use some creativity!

One Simple Change: Although this look is great for winter, you can easily transition it into the perfect outfit for brunch in two easy steps. The first piece you need to replace is the leggings. If you like the comfort of the leggings, a more formal yet comfortable style is the  Pixie Pant from J.Crew. However, you could also move in the denim direction and try a black denim with small tears around or at the knees to keep it fun. The second step is to swap out the red rain boots for a leather bootie. If you’re loving the bright red as much as I am, then stick with it; but you could also match the pants with charcoal or black. With these two changes, you can still stay warm while enjoying brunch with friends.