January 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

Time to hit the books, kids. Spring semester is upon us! Even though it’s technically winter, I do live in Florida and winter doesn’t really exist here. However, the magic weather fairies blessed our Southwest Floridian coast with weather below 70 degrees for a change!

I was expecting to find some cute sweaters, boots or even scarves as we take advantage of these colder days, but this cute Fashionista didn’t let our short burst of winter weather stop her from rocking a sleeveless top with a pair of colored jeans. Her adorable, and quite fluffy, beanie is the perfect accessory to keep toasty and still rock whatever look you desired. (Pro tip: Hats are an easy way to hide a bad hair day, too. Hat or no hat, her rockin’ blue locks could be seen from a mile away.)

One of the first things that caught my eye on this Fashionista was her bold makeup. Pairing red lips with dark eye shadow is an easy way to glam up a casual, every day outfit. Her red lips had just enough glitter to be noticed without being obnoxious. Wearing only eye makeup and lipstick allows the color of chilly cheeks and freckles to come through, creating a look perfect for winter.

This Fashionista finished off her look with some ring bling by wearing a few rings by James Avery. Her fancy hands gave sparkle and shine to an overall dark ensemble. Adding jewelry can pull any outfit together and give it the right touch. The details really do matter!

One Simple Change: Getting ready for a girl’s night out? Adding a simple black stiletto gives this grunge-chic outfit a more formal or classy vibe.