January 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

The snow has finally fallen in Chicago, and winter break is coming to a close. I know, like many of the Fashionistas out there, I opened plenty of presents for Christmas with new clothes and accessories. However, I think it’s time to give the boys some love this winter. You’ll find the majority of the Fashionistos at my school wearing sweaters, jeans, and boots to keep warm during the cold days. Keeping warm doesn’t have to be boring though.

My Fashionisto battles the cold by layering up. By wearing a grey and black striped button-down shirt, he adds depth and dimension to the black, knit skull sweater. This combination is casual enough to wear to class and be comfortable, as well as, an evening out with friends. The black pants continue the sleek, casual look he is going for. The finishing touches to any outfit lie on the ground. The black shoes with white bottoms complete the outfit for the fashionable yet casual look of the everyday Fashionisto.

This Fashionisto makes a statement by wearing high-low fashion. The button-down dresses the outfit up while the pants and shoes keep it casual. This is a great way to mix in your dressier clothes with casual clothes, not only to stay warm during the cold months but also to create a fashionable outfit. The nice thing about layers, especially for the guys, is that it is easy to remove a piece of clothing like a sweater when it is to warm inside. So guys, bring those new winter sweaters to class this semester and stay warm.

One Simple Change: The transition from winter to spring can be quite easy when it comes to your wardrobe. By removing the sweater from this outfit, a Fashionisto can be comfortable during those warmer spring day with a more than fashionable button-down.