January 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

With the temperature well below freezing most days here in Wisconsin, dressing for the frigid weather can be quite a feat. Every Fashionista/o wants their individual style to show through whenever they hit the sidewalk, but during this time of year, staying warm becomes the number one priority. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice style! This Fashionisto created a monochromatic look that turns heads while staying warm.

This Fashionista’s look, perfect for everything from class to a dinner date, is casual yet put together. To achieve this wintertime ensemble, start with your go-to pair of tan pants. When it comes to putting together the rest of your outfit, note that selecting a monochromatic color palette is both on-trend and easy when you’re tugging garments off hangers in the morning rush. Whether you pick gray like this Fashionisto, or navy, black or camel, a singular color palette makes mornings a breeze, especially when you’re choosing a neutral shade.

For optimal warmth this time of year, choose a cozy crewneck sweater and a jacket of a similar hue so you can beat those frigid temperatures. A wool coat in a classic silhouette is the perfect option that looks stylish. When it comes down to shoes, continue with your monochromatic color palette. These Nike sneakers are sleek, stylish and comfortable for anywhere you day may take you.

By following this Fashionisto’s cue, you’re sure to rock a look that’s both stylish and warm.

One Simple Change: To take this look into the spring, simply lose the heavy, woolen jacket and thick sweater. You can replace the sweater with either a light button-up shirt or a soft T-shirt. If there is still a springtime chill, feel free to grab a light jacket in a canvas or cotton fabric rather than a thick wool or down parka.