January 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

Throughout this whole fall and winter season, I was very disappointed with the weather. But really, what is there to expect of the weather when you live in Florida, where the weather is always hot and humid. I find it really hard finding the right occasion to pull out one of my favorite winter chunky sweaters and not feel like I’m experiencing hot flashes or getting a heat stroke halfway through my walk to class.

When the temperature does drop below 70, like any true Floridian, I take the first opportunity to wear my winter staples. Here, this Fashionista is wearing a neutral earthy tone silk blouse from Express, a light wash pair of American Eagle Outfitters skinny jeans and finally brown suede ankle booties. This look is a very casual and minimalistic way to dress for the Floridian winter weather. The light silk blouse allows you to remain nice and cool throughout day even when the temperature does go back to normal and is hot and humid. Skinny jeans are a great staple that can be worn in any type of weather. The brown suede ankle booties are what completes this minimalistic Floridian winter look.

One Simple Change: To take this look from winter to spring simply swap out the suede booties for a light pair of sandals. In this case, I would choose a pair of Nine West lace-up sandals to be the new focal point of your whole outfit.