January 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s winter and it’s cold out. It might be tempting at times to deck out in layers just to stay warm. However, this Fashionista finds a way with her style to stay warm and still remain fashionable. The winter season can make it hard for a girl to find the right type of look that suits her. Layering is the key to dominating the winter season. Scarves, boots, warm pants and leggings are all what a Fashionista needs to get through the cold.

The sweater this Fashionista chose to center her look around allows her to stay snuggled up in the midst of the freezing weather. She accessorizes her outfit with a pair of cozy leather boots that complement her winter style, along with a cute patterned scarf. The Aztec patterned scarf really accents the look of the plain gray sweater and the neutral black boots, making for an accessory that allows the outfit to stand out in any gray skied, cold, wintery day. Winter can be a great time to break out the accessories to make any boring sweater, look put together and stylish!

One Simple Change:  Sweaters don’t always have to be worn only in the spring! One way to make this outfit appropriate for another season, is by taking away the leggings and replace them with some cute jean shorts for a chill fall or spring style. The great part about the spring and fall is that it’s still cool enough outside to rock various styles and layers!