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December 30th, 2015 at 2:07am

Winter break is the perfect time to relax, unwind and spend some quality time with friends and family. However, whether you’re spending time with other people or having sweet time to yourself, don’t forget to look good and feel good this season! Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean spending all your Christmas money, splurging on tons of new clothes and products (even though it sounds nice) to achieve a new look. Just be yourself and wear something you feel comfortable (and warm) in!

A great outfit comes from a little inspiration and a lot of confidence. Take this Fashionista, for example, as she shows how minimal effort can still produce a put together look with just a few, simple pieces. In this outfit, she layered a classic plaid-patterned dress underneath a simple denim jacket. It’s a simple look that doesn’t require much, yet it’s still very striking because of the vibrant plaid fabric. Plus, winter season is the best time to bring out all things red and plaid! Besides the print, I also think the think the thick wool fabric of the dress is another great detail because it adds an extra layer of warmth, which is a must this time of year!

To finish off this look, this Fashionista grabbed a few simple accessories that didn’t take away attention from the main part of her look. She paired some black over-the-knee socks with black booties and a black leather tote. Now, she’s good to go!

One Simple Change: Going to a formal holiday gathering? No worries. Ditch the denim jacket for a long coat for a more elegant look. Switch the socks and booties for a pair of strappy high heels.