December 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

I hear it’s pretty cold on the West Coast these days, meanwhile here in the East, the chances of you needing to break out a winter coat are slim to none. Last year, you needed two jackets from The North Face and a blanket scarf just to make it down the block! If you would like to survive winter in New York 2015, all you need to do is make a decision. It’s really quite simple: invest in a vest. I finally learned my lesson after a combination of near heat strokes and hypothermia. My fellow Fashionista, however, is more than accustomed to changing between temperatures going back and forth from coast to coast (being a native of California). She caught on to the weather game a lot faster than I did and was well prepared for this winter.

This Fashionista is a prime example of everything you’ll want to pull out of your closet. As finals and classes are coming to an end, this Fashionista is a reminder that the holiday festivities are near. She’s smooth and cool but most importantly she’s dressed ready to cool off or warm up. This outfit is perfect for any sudden weather changes, it’s hot and cold rolled into one. She’s dressed in several layers underneath her full-zip vest, first a lightly striped red flannel shirt that she keeps buttoned, and then a light-weight cashmere hoodie thrown over the flannel shirt. She keeps all colors neutral except for the edgy red of the flannel shirt that contrasts with the white stripes. The Fashionista makes it even edgier by adding gold accessories with her sunglasses, watch and her ring. The best part is the candy cane socks sticking out from her brown ankle boots, (did I mention she’s all about festivities?). 

One Simple Change: Cold morning, hot afternoon? Just toss the vest and do a classic hoodie tied around the waist or shoulders to change this look. School is hard, so keep your outfit easy.