Unfortunately during the brutal months of the Indiana winter, fashion sense, especially for males, is often a very foreign concept. More times than not, people are more concerned with making it to their next class without frostbite rather than putting together an outfit that is fashion-forward. However, every once in a while I’ll find a student who finds a way bridge the gap between protection from the blistering cold sub-zero temperatures and an outfit that is well put together.

I’m usually somewhere between the business school and where I live on campus, and I found this particular Fashionisto on my daily commute. It wasn’t necessarily the complexity or the unique elements of the outfit, but more so the way the clothes were being worn. An outfit like this can either be worn be someone or the clothes can wear the person, and with this Fashionisto it was the former. I see countless students wearing peacoats and Timberland boots on their way to class during the winter months, but there was a reason that this Fashionisto stuck out amongst all the others.

I’ve written several articles about students who have a rare or unique piece of clothing or style because they are usually the ones that catch my eye. This student caught my eye because he really understood the concept of not letting the clothes wear you, and he did so in subzero temperatures. It’s so easy to wake up in the morning and throw on your big winter jacket and a pair of sweatpants and head to class. Try a good fitting pair of jeans instead. However try to find a piece of clothing that satisfies both what the weather is calling for during the winter and something that follows a recent trend in fashion. My best advice to satisfy the two is layers.

A peacoat is a great place to start for the winter months, but when deciding to wear a peacoat, wear it in a way that separates you from all the other students that day that decided to do the same thing. Most importantly, find one that fits you well. Whether it’s a 50 or 700 dollar jacket, the first thing people will see is the fit. Find one that fits you well and make sure to wear the jacket with some pride.

One Simple Change: Take the peacoat and scarf off to make an appropriate spring outfit.