Winter is in full effect here at the University of Rhode Island. The first snowfall is pretty and exciting, but after that dreams of spring break fill almost every student’s mind. The only thing that makes winter even a little bit OK is the outfit opportunities. Winter clothes are fun when it comes to scarves, big sweaters and boots.

This Fashionista seems to be loving winter on this cold day. She decided to wear a warm thermal gray cardigan paired over a flowy white blouse. To keep warm, she threw on a black and white scarf covered in skulls. Skinny black jeans were paired with black Hunter rain boots and a pair of gray knee-high socks to complete her outfit.This Fashionista’s outfit is super classic with a hint of grunge. I loved the way she wasn’t afraid to mix styles.

Her outfit is very practical yet trendy. Her sweater and scarf are super warm, which is perfect for a cold day. The way her socks are paired over her jeans is totally stylish and will keep her legs toasty. With snow and slush covering the grounds, cute rain boots are a perfect choice.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista can easily swap some pieces of her outfit to be ready for an interview or presentation. She can switch her rain boots to a pair of nice leather boots or heels and change her cardigan to a trendy black blazer. With these simple changes she is ready for more of a professional environment.