Whether you’re a lover of the cold winter months or can’t wait to throw on those high-waisted shorts, our fellow groundhog friend, Punxsutawney Phil, has, indeed, seen his shadow on the first week of February, therefore leading us into six more weeks of wintertime. Whether a fan or not, we as Fashionistas/os have to stay positive and embrace another month of layering, closed toe shoes and down fur coats.

The colder weather can most certainly make you want to dress the same color as the dreary gray sky above, but that doesn’t always have to be frowned upon. This Fashionista’s outfit comprises the monochromatic shades ranging from black to light gray. However, the range in textures, that each piece of her outfit contains, is what keeps her outfit interesting. These elements include the sleek and shiny polyester black coat, the uneveness of the knitted cardigan and the softness of the distressed leather combat boots. Her graphic T-shirt and oversized snakeskin printed bag adds an element of flavor to the edgy cool personality this outfit has to offer.

A major trending street style component in this outfit is the down fur polyester puffer coat. It isn’t something that is just to keep the wearer warm while skiing anymore. This sporty coat is shown more and more with an edgier twist, allowing it to be worn casually or almost giving an element of dressiness due to the luster of the fabric. The thin and lightweight coat is still warm enough to wear by itself with just a graphic T-shirt, but it still gives you the flexibility to layer underneath, just as this Fashionista did, for added warmth and comfort.

This outfit is all about the noticeable details. Even when we thought this outfit wasn’t comprised of any bright and fun colors, there is an element of surprise when you see that the back of the distressed combat boots has a bright red zipper. I love how Steve Madden, a shoe genius in my mind, has made that one of his trademarks.

One Simple Change: Well, Mr. Groundhog did say that there is only six more weeks of winter, so to make this outfit transition to spring, trade in the coat and combats for a fresh pair of white Converse. Top off the look by rolling up those black skinnies to ankle length, and keep the sweater wrapped around the waist for those potential night chills.