It hardly ever snows in sunny North Carolina, but when it does, classes are usually cancelled and students are out enjoying the snow! Because the sun was shining on this wintery day, the temperatures were not too cold and an abundant amount of layers were not needed. So why not look cute while frolicking in the snow? This Fashionista will show you what to wear to look fashionable and feel comfortable on a cozy, casual winter day.

This Fashionista is sporting a thick, oversized cardigan paired with a simple black camisole. The cardigan has a fun tribal print and even a hood to keep you warm on those colder days. She pairs the sweater with a pair of her favorite stretchy black leggings that are a must have for casual days. Walking around campus in piles of snow and on icy roads can be frightening, and you don’t want to be wearing tight pants if you happen to take a tumble. On her feet, this Fashionista wears some Hunter rain boots in a dusty blue shade that adds a subtle pop of color to the outfit. Her tall, glossy boots are an essential on wet, slippery days. Some might think that rain boots are not a cute look and should only be worn in a downpour, but this Fashionista wears them adorably.

Next time it snows on your college campus, dress comfortably and casually, but also make it cute!

One Simple Change: Are you in a colder climate? Throw on a warm parka and you’re ready to embrace the snowy day ahead.