Even though we had a couple of weeks of above average temperatures here in Minnesota, the past few days have been a rude and awfully cold awakening. Winter is still here, and it’s here to stay for a while longer. So although we have to trek though inches of snow and face the risk of slipping on black ice, there’s always a bright side—winter weather means it’s time to pack on the layers. But this Fashionista took the layering look to a whole other level, straying away from the traditional long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt layering style.

When I saw her outfit, I was intrigued by each piece in her look. The way she paired different textures, patterns and styles was truly eye-catching. Each piece adds on to the next, and what results is a fun and unique look that is sure to keep her warm and cozy when faced with the frigid wind chills.

The first piece in her look is a classic light-wash denim button-down. It’s the perfect base for anyone looking to create a fun and stylish layered look because you can pair just about anything with it. The button-down collar peeking out from underneath the second piece—the embellished sweater—instantly creates a more classic, put together look.

Her sweater is so cute and feminine, and the embellishments add just the right amount of sparkle and texture. This Fashionista is sure to sparkle when the winter sun reflects off of the embellishments—talk about eye-catching.

She wears a long sweater cardigan on top of her sweater and button-down. Although you can only see the bottom half of the cardigan, the texture and dark gray color complement the rest of the pieces perfectly. But most importantly, the long cardigan will keep her warm from head to toe.

A pair of funky patterned black and white pants and some light brown fur-lined booties complete the look. The boots add some warm tones to her look, which is mainly composed of cool tones. The light brown boots also pair perfectly with my absolute favorite piece in this outfit: her fuzzy green jacket.

If you want to stand out from the crowd during the winter, invest in one of these jackets. They come in all colors and “levels” of fuzziness, so choose one that best suits your personality. You’ll never want to wear your other jackets again!

One Simple Change: Take off the jacket and the long sweater cardigan, and throw on a pair of black skinny jeans and some pointy black heels. Now you have a cozy, stylish and professional look to wear to your internship.