This week in Ohio we have seen some of the coldest temperatures of the year. It’s been single digits and even colder than that with the windchill. Winter can be such a struggle to dress for. Boys may find it difficult to know where to even start with layering. Well, this week’s Fashionisto has succeeded. I was pleasantly surprised by his impressive style, especially given the current weather conditions. He does a great job layering and overall just looks very classy. He’s appropriately dressed for a weekend out and about and you could truly even wear this look anytime of the week.

I am a big fan of collars under shirts; it’s probably my very favorite layering technique. This Fashionisto wears a denim shirt under his sweater and it may have been what attracted me to the outfit in the first place. A V-neck sweater will be the best kind of sweater to layer with a collared shirt. Not only will this look great, but an extra shirt means extra warmth. The Fashionisto wears a pair of chinos and for shoes he wears a pair of oxfords. In fact, the Fashionisto explained to me that he calls these shoes his “fancy shoes.” So yes, oxfords will surely be that detail to make your look extra classy and fancy. Don’t forget your favorite beanie and you will be all set for the cold winter weather and look stylish as well.

One Simple Change: Not only is this a great winter look, but it can work for a nighttime look as well. Just add a jacket, perhaps a suede one, and you’ll be ready for a night out after a long day in no time.