It is no secret that New York has been full of snow, rain, ice and low temperatures. With this harsh climate, it may seem almost impossible to stay warm, wear the proper shoes so you don’t wipe out on the sidewalks (which have become ice skating rinks) and still look good. However, looking fashionable is still a possibility and with a few steps, anyone can conquer this challenge.

As I sat in class the other day, I couldn’t help but admire this Fashionisto’s outfit. Not only was his actual outfit perfect, but his outer layers were just as flawless. This Fashionisto covered all bases with his outfit—cool, comfortable and climate appropriate.

To start off, a varsity jacket was donned by the Fashionisto, exuding that athletic, vintage look. To keep himself extra warm and battle the elements, he threw on an oversized infinity scarf. Underneath his warm outer garb, this Fashionisto layered up a bit with a navy blue graphic sweatshirt and a turquoise button-down. The turquoise shirt perfectly juxtaposes the otherwise neutral-colored outfit, adding the perfect pop of color to the overall look.

My favorite part of this outfit resides in the bottom half of this Fashionisto’s ensemble. I know that when it’s really cold and icy out, sometimes jeans just aren’t going to cut it. What I really want to do is go to class in my oversized sweats, but that isn’t exactly acceptable here in New York City. So, the next best option is to do exactly as this Fashionisto does and rock a pair of fitted joggers which are both comfortable and stylish. The distressed denim material of this Fashionisto’s joggers further adds to the vintage look, coordinating perfectly with his jacket. Let’s not forget the quintessential piece for all harsh winter weather: a pair of trusty, black Dr. Martens. When it’s cold and messy out in New York, this is your best bet as Dr. Martens protect any Fashionista/o from all the slushy puddles while keeping one’s feet warmly insulated.

So, when it’s the middle of winter and all you want to do is roll out of bed and go to class in twenty layers of sweats, a parka and your clunky snow boots, remember that you do in fact have other options, which are almost equally as warm and cozy, yet far more stylish.

One Simple Change: Going from day to night and want to dress your look up a bit more? Swap out the varsity jacket for a slick leather one. If you want to keep the vintage look going, distressed leather can ensure you keep the worn-in appearance strong.