For the last week of winter break, I decided to spend some time in Southern California before heading back up north. On a particularly sunny day, I spotted this Fashionista taking a stroll around Franklin Canyon Park. Even though layers here in the West Coast are significantly lighter than our counterpart, this Fashionista knew exactly how to layer well for a chillier part of town.

As she was in the park, she decided to opt for a comfortable outfit without sacrificing her style. In order to create a flattering balance for her outfit, she paired a loose fitted tank top with tights. The colors of her outfit have a cohesive value to them, ranging between middle keys and low keys, even though none of them are of the same hue. Her backpack that she bought from Thailand became the main focus that way with various bright warm tones. Even though it does not get really cold in southern California, it is still necessary to bundle up. This Fashionista played it right by layering two tank tops over each other and throwing on a studded jacket. Layering is key here, as you never know when it might get warmer or chillier. For a stroll in the park, a pair of combat boots is the practical way. Max Mara and KTZ are bringing combat boots back not only for girls, but for guys too. So dust off your Dr. Martens and rock them around campus.

An outfit is not complete without accessories. This Fashionista wore a necklace over her scarf. The symbol of her necklace represents truth, which she feels very passionately about. Fashion is not restrained to insignificant meaning. Every piece of your outfit could have a meaning behind it, such as sentimental value or a part of your personality. Take every opportunity to present yourself the way you want, even if it is only a walk around the park.

One Simple Change: Layer a bodycon dress underneath the tank tops without the leggings, jacket and scarf for a casual summer look. Toss on a hat and you are beach ready.