February 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

No matter where you live, there are a variety of people from different backgrounds who all have varying opinions and views on important matters. However, everyone in the state of Arkansas can no doubt agree that our weather here makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I have worn shorts one day, only to wear my heaviest coat the next and to be back to wearing shorts the following day. From June to August it is consistently hot, while from December to February the season seems to vary each day of the week.

Combine this nuisance with the frustratingly small closet space in the dorms, and it can be difficult for a college Fashionista to figure out which clothes to keep and which to take home and replace over holiday breaks. However, the best way to combat this is to keep versatile pieces in your closet.

A leather jacket and a pair of tall riding boots, such as what is worn by the Fashionista above, can easily survive the fall, winter and spring seasons. They can be paired with summer dresses in slightly warmer weather, or jeans and if it is cooler outside.

These two are great at dressing up more relaxed pieces, such as tank tops and leggings, without giving up the comfort factor. Numerous girls agree that leggings are more comfortable than pants, but not everyone agrees that they can be interchangeable. However, as long as a pair of leggings is in good condition, then they can be paired with a leather jacket and boots for a casual outfit. To complete this look, simply add in a long necklace to add some energy to the ensemble. Metallic feathers are extremely popular right now, especially when added in with other charms.

One Simple Change: To switch this look from winter to spring, simply replace the heavier leather jacket with a lighter cardigan or kimono to accommodate for the warmer weather.