Everyone’s had instances of sheer denial. Maybe it was when your boyfriend broke up with you, or perhaps it was when you failed a test. Either way, you probably couldn’t believe that your particular situation was reality. For this Fashionista, denial occurred when fall rolled around into winter, and she was told that she couldn’t wear spaghetti strap blouses anymore.

One key part of being a Fashionista, regardless of your personal style, is breaking the rules. Fashion isn’t about strict adherence to rules and procedures that define what is or isn’t appropriate to wear. In this instance, this Fashionista went for it with a spaghetti strap blouse towards the end of winter. Even though there’s snow on the ground, she couldn’t resist pulling out her favorite top and wearing it with pride.

This Fashionista continued her edginess by matching her blouse with a pair of burgundy pleather leggings. Fake leather is always a good idea, especially when paired with a soft delicate blouse and pair of feminine booties. The sheer act of wearing a spaghetti strap blouse in the middle of winter is bold enough. Pairing it with a piece that isn’t traditionally worn in a feminine way is a sheer act of fashion resistance. Finishing off the outfit, this Fashionista wore a pair of minimalistic black, ankle booties. They’re a classic must-have for everyone’s closet.

One Simple Change: If you’re not as bold as this Fashionista or simply hate the cold, I would add a faux fur coat. They’re classic, luxurious and would pair wonderfully with this outfit. On top of that, everyone feels like a queen in fur.