Picture this: you’re getting up on a Monday morning to get ready for class. You quickly peep outside of your bedroom just to see there’s still snow on the ground. So to get your mind off of it, you brew yourself a cup of tea, turn on some music to ease into the day while getting into your morning makeup routine only to remember that you still have to pull an outfit together in about 15 solid minutes before class. Those of you who have a tough time at figuring out how to put an outfit together, I definitely know that this Fashionista could teach you.

This look was put together in five minutes. Yes, organizing your closet is a must. Having sweaters lined up together in a perfect order isn’t only eye captivating but very useful when trying to pair color schemes together. This Fashionista first chose a cozy, mustard sweater while pairing it with distressed jeans and an olive green surplus jacket. She then chose ankle studded booties and accessorized as she completed her look as what I like to call, when grunge meets bohemian-chic. What I absolutely love about her outfit is how her jacket has tribal detailing which makes it look unique. You can easily replicate this look between the two coveted stores, Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters.

One Simple Change: This look could easily be pulled off for class and into the day and night out with your girlfriends. This Fashionista strongly advises you to, “Wear what you love in order to express yourself and do not care what others think. Jeans are always a go-to because you can either dress them up or throw on a sweatshirt and have a chill day. If you like how the outfit looks then wear it and work it!”