March 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Everyone loves winter for different reasons. Some love the snow, the big sweaters and coats. Some people love the hot chocolate and sitting by the fire, the list is infinite. Now, I love all of these things, I really do, but I will tell you what I don’t like about winter: the lack of diversity I see in my outfits! I always start the season strong and then slowly succumb to the coldness and gray days forcing me to reach for my tragically dull, but so very comfy leggings and my dad’s old broken-in sweatshirts. This must change, I need to get back on the style train!

So what do you wear in the winter? Well this Fashionista has the answers. In this look this style icon, is sporting a sick pair of leather shorts, with tights and thigh-high socks and some amazing boots. Super chic while keeping you super warm. The round glasses add such a edgy vibe to the look without even trying. The long overcoat really makes the look because it is draped over the outfit just like icing on a cake! This look is perfect for winter because it is so unique and cool, but still will keep you warm on those unbearable, “let me stay in bed all day” kind of days. Fortunately, having a look this awesome will motivate you to get up and make your day fab! The look is crisp, clean and fashion-forward. The perfect formula for getting out of a winter rut!

One Simple Change: After a cold day you might want to meet up with your friends and go out on the town, or just go to one venue and stay in the warmth. Either way, no need to change your outfit just throw your hair up in a high ponytail and add a bold lip color to go from the perfect winter day outfit to the perfect winter night outfit!