If you’re like me, then winter probably isn’t your favorite season. You wake up every morning, check your weather app, see the little negative sign in front of the temperature and you just sit there and sigh. For most of us, it’s easier to dress during the spring and summer because there’s not the hassle of layering and wearing coats. Admittedly, it can be hard to remain warm and stylish during the cold weather but don’t worry, keep reading this article and I’m sure you’ll get inspired!

This Fashionista absolutely nailed how to dress for the winter season. She opted for neutral tones by pairing a black turtleneck with jeans in the same shade. To finalize the look she layered a grey coat over her top and bottom. She also accessorized with a beanie hat and a cute backpack. Of course, her bright white sneakers added a nice contrast to her overall outfit. The juxtaposition of the colors keeps her whole look balanced and monochrome.

This is a great style for winter since it’s composed of many trendy pieces (I’m sure you know the hype with turtlenecks right now), keeps her warm and stylish and adheres to so called “winter colors.”

One Simple Change: Not only is this a great look for chilly days, but it can also work for other occasions! You can switch up this outfit to make it appropriate for a celebration by getting rid of the beanie and pairing the pants with an open-back bodysuit and some high heels.