Though winter down here in Miami is pretty much unheard of, it is safe to say that in other parts of the world, the cold weather has hit. Miami has always been known for its year-round hot weather, but it still doesn’t stop us from at least trying the art of layering. Eventually, if we’re lucky enough, a cold front will hit us and we’ll be ready for it—I hope.

This Fashionisto has mastered the art of layering, and trust me you can, too. I’m sure that somewhere in your beautifully curated closet you will find: a denim jacket, a button-down and a turtleneck. If not all three, then at least one! This Fashionisto put together three must-haves in any gal or pal’s closet and created a stellar outfit. He used his black turtleneck as his foundation to make sure he remains extra warm. By adding a floral printed button-down, he adds color to his ensemble and adds a playful element to his look. To really make his outfit stand out, he adds a third layer with his cool denim jacket making the top of his look more dimensional.

Since he wants to make sure that his layers are his statement pieces, he went for a more simple approach for his bottoms by wearing a pair of distressed black jeans and of course, an awesome pair of boots! This will make sure that not only is he super warm on top, but his legs and feet are also safe from the cold winds that might come his way.

So for those of you already experiencing that cold weather, remember that you can always add a layer to your outfit. Here’s just another excuse to make a splurge and treat yourself!