February 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

With the changing winter weather, you never really know if it is going to be 60 degrees or 16 outside. The constant rise and fall of temperatures makes piecing together an outfit appropriate for the weather a dreadful task. While most would give up at the thought of dressing fashionably for the awkward temperature patterns that we have been having, those who dare to take on the challenge are to be commended.

This Fashionista is wearing an outfit that coordinates with the constant up and down weather patterns that we have been experiencing this winter. She has on a simple green crop top with a white cardigan on top of it. The navy blue military style coat on top of the sweater is a perfect garment for added warmth and style. As for the bottoms, she is wearing high-waisted black skinny jeans. On her feet, she is wearing black lace-up combat boots.

To accessorize the look, she has on a gold layered necklace that brings out the buttons on her coat. Her magenta lipstick and hoop earrings are also subtle details that are essential for this look to come together.

No matter what winter weather (or not so winter weather) temperature it is outside, this outfit is fitting. The crop top adds an element of summertime, but when layered, it becomes perfect for the cool temps. Every layer on top of that is both stylish and warm, making a great winter outfit.

One Simple Change: If you are going out to dinner or a show and it is a little more formal, translate this look into a dressier outfit by swapping out the combat boots with a pair of heeled booties or wedges. Also, adding an accessory such as a gold clutch purse to match the necklace or a magenta one to match the lip color would bring out those parts of the look and make it a little more formal.