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February 29th, 2016 at 2:05am

Picture this: It’s Monday morning, you’ve just woken up in a great mood, and you pour yourself a cup of coffee. After a bit of checking up on emails and scrolling through your Instagram feed, you decide you want to spice up your outfit for the day. Something out of the ordinary and different than your usual leggings and sweater combo. You think to yourself: a dress would be fun, but it’s also the dead of winter; how do I make this work? Well, if you can bare to show a bit of skin, I’ve got a perfect solution with a Fashionista to prove it.

This Fashionista works a simple black dress, oversized jacket, over the knee boots and finishes off her outfit with a fringed scarf. It’s a compilation of minimal pieces put together to make a seriously rad outfit. She starts her outfit with a simple black dress and to winterize her outfit, she throws on an over-sized jacket that gives off total Yeezy Season vibes. It’s neutral, oversized and something I’d imagine Kylie Jenner rocking in her Snapchat stories. She pairs the dress with a pair of over the knee socks alongside over the knee heeled boots. The socks do a great job of dressing down the outfit a bit. To keep cozy, she wraps up in a neutral fringed scarf. Her makeup is as neutral as her outfit. With nude lips, she pulls the entire outfit together for an edgy, minimal look.

One Simple Change: Planning on going out later? Swap the scarf for a choker necklace and dance the night away.