February 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

The weather here in New York has been unpredictable, to say the least! The other day we had a massive snow storm and now it feels like 50 degrees. With such crazy weather, dressing appropriately is a must. So, how would someone dress for such inconsistent temperatures?

This Fashionista has the answer! When the weather can go from cold to warm in a blink of an eye, layers are a wonderful way to ensure that you’re never too hot or too cold. This Fashionista rocks a trendy black leather jacket and when she gets too warm, underneath is a fashionable cutout back long sleeve black top. Her all-black ensemble is tied together with black skinny jeans and black heeled combat boots. Her boots are stylish and durable, perfect for a night out or embracing a little snow shower. This Fashionista’s arrow necklace is a great way to dress up her edgy look. Dressing practical is crucial when it comes to winter. This Fashionista has mastered a classic edgy winter look that is great for those rising and sinking temperatures with what seems to be a very irregular winter.

One Simple Change: Let’s say you’re getting ready for a fun night out with friends. The wind is picking up and Mother Nature has decided to blow in a cold front. You quickly realize a warm leather jacket may not be enough to get you through the night comfortably. A simple change would be to add a cozy black scarf to this already stellar outfit. Adding a scarf is a great way to keep warm during those crazy nighttime adventures!