I’ll be honest, Florida doesn’t exactly experience the winter season like most states do. For us, a typical day in January may feature a high of 75 degrees with 80 percent humidity. This isn’t exactly the best place for a closet filled with outerwear. Then, only a few days after the uncomfortable, muggy weather, we can suddenly be struck by a round of cool temperatures. Students will then rush to throw on their thickest coats and sweaters to keep them warm during their walks across campus.

Just because you may be experiencing some frosty temperatures, however, doesn’t mean you have to suffer from much discomfort. When faced with the task of venturing to class in the chilly weather, this Fashionista opted for a more casual, but charming look. A comfy style like this will not only keep you toasty, but will also provide much needed comfort on days when you’d rather stay in bed.

For that necessary outerwear, a black peacoat is a classic choice that will complement any outfit. A knit beanie like the one this Fashionista is sporting will also add a little personality, and will hopefully keep your head warm. Simple skinny jeans ensure that your legs stay properly covered, and the focus will remain on the key elements of your look.

As for a top, this Fashionista opted for a thin sweatshirt since Florida’s unpredictable weather can often lead to freezing mornings and mild afternoons. Her boots provided warmth and comfort for a long walk across campus.

One Simple Change: When the temperatures rise in the spring, simply replace the peacoat with a thin cardigan. You’ll still be as comfortable as when you’re lying in bed, wrapped up in your favorite blanket.