February 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

Even though the famous groundhog fortunately saw his shadow, this winter doesn’t seem to be going away. Cold winds, white snow and the winter chill are all things you can take to your advantage for unbearably sweet winter looks.

Keeping yourself motivated for class and staying warm can be hard, but when you have your sweater dress on hand, nothing can stop you from conquering the class outfit game.

This Fashionista is keeping warm with a red, sleeveless, turtleneck dress, paired with opaque black tights lined with a layer of fleece and black booties. She has added a red, down jacket, black circle scarf and brown leather backpack to really complete her look for class. As the blizzard passed through Bloomington, Indiana, students layered up with as many sweatshirts and sweatpants as they could while this Fashionista stayed warm with just a few, very warm, pieces.

Necessities such as backpacks can always be treated as accessories. This Fashionista’s brown leather backpack really makes her ensemble unique; it does not only bring an additional color to the outfit, but also carries everything she needs for her classes. Bringing her outfit together is the Fashionista’s subtle, yet noticeable makeup. Her winged eyeliner along with her few red accents such as her MAC lipstick and gel nail polish take this look the extra mile.

One Simple Change: With classes running later than ever, with two small exchanges, this outfit can take you from class to the local bar for drinks with a few of your girlfriends. Exchanging the red, down jacket for a black coat and brown leather backpack for a small handbag will change your entire look and complete your day-to-night transition.