February 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

My least favorite part of the winter months is the dreaded walk across campus to class. The only thing that can make winter more bearable is the ability to show off your best winter gear. However, it can be challenging to look stylish when the last thing you want to do is go outside. By knowing how to dress chic and stay warm, you can get through the winter months in style. This Fashionista exemplifies how to be both warm and comfortable during these cold months.

This Fashionista effortlessly pulls this look off and appears super comfortable as well. She is wearing a pair of brown combat boots: both stylish and good for the snow! Combined with a pair of black leggings, the outfit is as comfy as can possibly be. On top she is wearing a plain green T-shirt with an oversized cardigan. The best part is that this cardigan was purchased at a thrift store, making her look both trendy and affordable. To pull her look together, she is wearing a simple necklace which is perfect for everyday wear. I think this Fashionista’s hair is also worth mentioning because her easy half-up ponytail shows that comfort and style really can go together.

One Simple Change: When spring comes and it is finally time for us to lose the sweaters and boots, this look could easily be adjusted by ditching the cardigan and wearing a pair of sandals instead of boots. Add a lighter cardigan or jean jacket to allow this look to serve multiple seasons.