We’re all familiar with those mornings when you wake up, look outside your window and everything is white from the layers of snow that has been accumulating overnight. It’s the first real snow of the season here in Philly and dressing for the cold is something we’re very accustomed to. However, dressing appropriately in this weather can be a challenge when it comes to your typical chic style. This Fashionista proves you can incorporate a little bit of both by simply adding a touch of color.

In the event of snow, something you definitely want to prioritize are warm layers. At first I was concerned about her choice of outerwear since it seemed very light. Quickly enough she informed me of the thick wool lining inside. She and I then agreed that sometimes an oversized, puffy coat is sometimes impractical.  Her coat was actually one of those pieces you see on someone and think, “I wonder where she bought that. It fits her really well. I would invest in that myself.” The length came below the hips which elongated her torso creating a slimming effect. Depending upon how hard the snow is falling, her chic winter hat can use her coat’s furry hood as a back up. Her Hunter Boots come with a lining to keep her feet warm and dry. What caught my eye about this Fashionista was her red lipstick and gloves. They really complement the simplicity of her all black outfit, in addition to her rhinestone earrings giving a classic, timeless look.

One Simple Change: If the snow ceases and your heading out with some friends for the night, toss the boots in exchange for a pair of black leather booties. Switch out the tote for a shoulder strap purse.