February 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter is in full swing and with that comes the melancholy of the cold. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy when it snows and the snow days, but when it’s cold for no reason it can be pretty depressing. When it’s this cold all I ever feel like wearing is cozy sweats while sitting on my couch and watching movies. It’s hard to put an outfit together when nothing is as warm and cozy as sweatpants and a fuzzy sweater. I am not a winter person, you guys. Part of it is because I am chronically cold, but the other part is that winter can be melancholy. However, I am determined to stay warm and stylish this winter and this Fashionista has an amazing way to keep warm and fashionable.

This Fashionista is able to keep warm and stylish by wearing a plaid shift coat. She got her coat a few years ago and it still stands the test of time and changing trends. I love the plaid and pockets in particular and she even has a hood to put up on those dreaded windy days. Her sweater and jeans are a go-to for her in the winter as well. She loves to wear blacks and grays in winter. Pairing the black jeans with an evergreen sweater is a simple, effective way to add some color in winter and it pairs nicely with her coat. The black on black of the jeans and Dr. Martens create a clean line while honoring the style of the Dr. Martens.

The climate in Tulsa is mild and shifts constantly, so our Fashionista’s coat is perfect for the weather here. However the day this was shot was an intensely windy day and she was able to keep warm (well, as warm as you can be when the wind is so strong it can move you like a twister).

One Simple Change: Was it 17 degrees this morning but by lunch it’s 55? Keep a scarf in your bag and swap that out for your coat to create a warm look that you won’t overheat in!