February 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Whether we like it or not, winter is here for the next few months. The question is how to be stylish when all anyone really wants is to be warm? Take a moment and think about how many people you see in a long black coat that covers all but their head and feet, paired with UGGs and a hat? The last thing that I think about while I am getting ready for school on a chilly morning is how I look. I cannot even count how many girls I see in the exact same outfit with their shoulders hunched over trying to keep in body heat while they quickly walk into a building for class. I’m here to tell you that you still have the chance to stand out, even in this weather.

This Fashionista goes above and beyond the typical long coat, scarf and boots. Instead of a black coat, her outfit stands out with a silver, almost gray insulated winter coat. This coat alone sets her apart from the masses of students on campus. She complimented her coat with a neutral colored pair of Sorel winter boots, a gray lululemon scarf and to top it all off, a brown leather bag from Fossil. This Fashionista has gotten multiple compliments on this specific bag and it’s the perfect statement piece for a winter outfit!

I truly believe that anyone can come up with a variation of this outfit through the quality of the items you choose to accessorize with. Just a few statement pieces can separate one student from the pack, even in this chilly weather. Do I see a new trend starting for next winter? I predict more students will begin to step outside of the narrow mind of boring winter coats. I expect to see more diversity in colors and a trend towards fashionable and fun for the winter.

One Simple Change: I challenge you to steer away from the standard long black coat and UGGs. You can do better! Think about a different colored winter coat for the cold weather because it takes up the most space on your body and strategically pair it with simple yet quality accessories. Not only with you be warm in this outfit, but you’ll also be unique. So take a chance and step away from the norm!