February 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

The cold is finally here. I’m excited to finally be able to rock my beloved bean boots and winter beanies, but dreading the days that I am bundled up and still freeze. Welcome to winter in the Midwest, the most dreaded season of the year. Dressing warm doesn’t have to look so sloppy and puffy. There are many alternatives to sweatshirts and sweatpants.

My favorite piece of the winter for when it is really cold is my pair of thermal fleece-lined leggings. I’m the type of gal who prefers to wear sleek black leggings instead of jeans when tucking them into any kind of boot. These fleece ones always keep me warm and match any outfit because they look just like a regular pair of leggings. My next must have piece for winter is my Love Your Melon beanie. The slouchy beanie look works with almost any outfit, dressed up or down, and doesn’t give me hat hair compared to other winter hats. Lastly, I cannot go without a big oversized sweater or sweatshirt to throw over just about anything. I have a vintage Purdue sweatshirt that is a couple sizes too big but looks #RAD over my thermal leggings paired with bean boots or with some ripped jeans and converse. Needless to say, the oversized look is trending and a look every college student can rock.

Here our Fashionista is dressed cozy for a warmer winter day. My favorite piece is the sweater jacket. It is comfy, warm and practically a blanket. I’ve worn styles like this even for formal events over my dresses. Instead of a long peacoat or stadium coat, this one keeps me so much warmer and is easy to move around in. Our Fashionista paired this jacket with light wash high-waist jeans and a classic white T-shirt. To finish off her look, she threw on a warm pom-pom beanie and kept her look polished with a pair of black leather booties.

One Simple Change: Take this Fashionista’s look from day to night with a few quick changes. Take off the beanie and switch the sweater jacket for a leather jacket. Add a few pieces of jewelry and you’re ready for any night adventures.