February 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

We were starting to think we were going to escape the frigid Syracuse winter…oh how wrong we were! Chilly temperatures, snowfall and the slush beneath our feet have not made for many standout outfits. This time of year, wherever you look you see The North Face jackets and L.L.Bean boots.

Yet, this green haired Fashionista clearly wants to stand out from the crowd, and she did not let the ‘Cuse weather slow her down. In fact, she embraced it wholeheartedly – laughing and braving the cold with a smile. One might wonder why, when most of us are hiding away in our dorm rooms, she is smiling from ear to ear. It’s because this Fashionista is a Remembrance Scholar from Scotland, and she loves the snow!

Her very neutral color palette matches from her hat all the way to her Timberlands. Her combination of tans and greens is easy on the eye, yet comes off looking very polished.The coordination didn’t stop there; this Fashionista matched her lipstick perfectly to the red shade on her tribal flannel, which gives the perfect pop of color to her look. Most importantly, as a Style Guru from Wisconsin, I say a flannel is always a win, especially on flannel Friday.

Pairing the outfit with a simple black legging keeps from overwhelming the eye and breaks up the neutral tones, which adds allure to her look. It also keeps this Fashionista comfortable. In fact, her whole outfit is fashion forward winter gear, but she doesn’t resign herself to discomfort in the process.

She also made sure that she didn’t sacrifice the warmth you need to trek across the quad in below zero temperatures. She included important elements to keep warm between classes, such as her hat, jacket, mittens and her boots. However, as is very important in putting together a great winter look, she makes sure none of these items detract from the outfit.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista certainly doesn’t have to put that stylish flannel away once the winter season ends. She could lose the winter gear, tie her hair up in a topknot, throw on a scarf and switch out the Timberlands for some fashion boots, and this look could carry her into the fall season in style.