February 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

One moment it is snowing, hailing and a high of two degrees and the next it may hit a decent 40 degrees with the sun shining. This basically describes the Midwestern winter. In the Midwest it is a bipolar tundra where it’s impossible to know if it will be cold, somewhat cold or bitter cold. Therefore, it is crucial to be prepared when dressing for the Midwestern winter.

This Fashionisto shows that one can be warm and polished this winter. The key is to stay sophisticated by choosing a relatively neutral color scheme. By wearing grays, browns and blacks it gives the outfit a more refined look. The gray fleece keeps this Fashionisto warm from the harsh cold, while presenting a modern edge with its versatility. Wearing a red flannel underneath creates that pop of color needed to make the look stand out. Pairing the outfit with a chocolate colored pant proves that mixing neutrals can only add to the look. To style this look further, the Fashionisto wore a blue gray beanie to stifle the cold. This Fashionisto selected black oxfords to finish the look. The black oxfords polish off the ensemble with their preppy style.

One Simple Change: To change this look from winter to spring, simply remove the fleece and replace it with a light cardigan. This will add more versatility to your outfit and make it easier to switch seasons. Keep pieces in your wardrobe that can transition between seasons so that you can be fashion forward both this winter and in the spring.