February 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

Recently, the East Coast was hit with a heavy blizzard leaving our streets slushy and full of snow. Finding something nice to wear without fear of getting it ruined was hard. Most students came to campus in their school sweats and oversized hoodies but among the bustling students at Temple University, I came across a brave Fashionisto who arrived to campus in style.

He kept warm with a plaid scarf, skinny fit corduroys, a long sleeve flannel button-down, parka and boots. His thick plaid scarf kept him warm for trekking across campus and going to work while also giving off a cool lumberjack vibe. Sporting his navy corduroys also complemented his parka and Dr. Martens boots very well. The iconic boots are hard-wearing and have slip resistance which is perfect for unpredictable winter weather on the East Coast.

Whether he’s walking through the piles of snow or commuting around the city, he can still move easily and show off his style. Weather may affect our outfit choices but it shouldn’t keep us from bringing out our favorite pieces. Wearing a classic pair of boots or statement jacket can give us that boost we need when the weather is telling us to stay inside.

One simple change: If bundling up for winter is not your forte, try a look that can be geared for class. Try pairing a long sleeve sweater with adidas track pants instead of corduroys or jeans! You can also sport joggers if it’s more fitting to your style. This lets you keep up with the latest trends and ready to take on any weather that comes your way.