January 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

Syllabus week has got Tech Fashionistas feeling some type of way. Maybe it’s the biting 35-degree weather or the long semester ahead, but the days of short rompers and sundresses are long gone and not coming back for a while. Waking up for an eight a.m. when it’s almost freezing makes wearing high school lacrosse sweatpants a viable option. Moreover, realizing that your day consists of five hours of being in class and eight hours of studying makes the whole sweatpants decision drastically more appealing. However, in the midst of all the oversized hoodie, leggings and UGGs ensembles, I spy a couple of gems hiding in the library quietly looking chic.

This Fashionista is throwing it back to the ’90s, where turtlenecks and adidas shoes were all the rage. This Forever 21 knit sweater screams comfort and class paired with her dark wash skinny jeans. From trekking across campus to strutting the busy streets of Atlanta, there is no time to think about Manolos or Louboutins. Her adidas Originals take us back to kicking our feet up to watch Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and jamming to some rad Outkast tracks. But instead of reminiscing with her shoes in old school pop culture, this Fashionista runs from her Applied Calculus class to Legal Aspects of Business. She strikes the perfect balance between being bold, bringing back the old and fighting the cold.

One Simple Change: Is your back-to-school weather warmer than Tech’s? Try replacing your bulky sweater with a sleeveless, form-fitting turtleneck for a sexier look. Dress it up by layering some neck candy to contrast the Originals.