Spring is coming, but the weather is still cold. It’s that weird time when you wonder if it’s warm enough to go without a jacket or if it is worth unpacking those brightly colored spring dresses from the boxes tucked underneath your dorm bed. So, how is a girl supposed to dress in cloudy yet sunny weather?

This Fashionista caught my attention by wearing a skirt on a cloudy day. The color contrast between her scarf and pullover sweater makes her polka-dot top stand out. Also, her plaid skirt adds dimension and structure to the outfit. Lastly, her mid-calf tan boots with gray knee-high socks will keep her warm in the breezy weather.

This Fashionista used accessories to make her outfit a cohesive piece. Her nails were painted in a winter-esque burgundy nail polish with silver accents. She also wore a dainty gold ring and gold drop earrings. Her jewelry was simple yet elegant in order to not draw too much attention away from her ensemble.

One Simple Change: Starting to feel a little bit more chilly during the evening? No worries, take this outfit from day to night and add a pair of black leggings or a peacoat on top of the sweater for some extra warmth.