I don’t live in sunny California where the suns always shining and shorts are always a must. In January in Chicago, Illinois, shorts are a never. Especially when the temperature is below 10 degrees. Brrrr! Talk about freezing. I struggle to find cute outfits to wear in the winter without looking too bundled up. No one wants to look like the little boy from A Christmas Story walking down the street. You want to look cute but still be warm.

When I saw this Fashionista wearing this adorable fall/winter look, I fell in love. The neutral color scheme with a purple sweater makes the sweater stand out. The cowl neck gives the illusion of a scarf but still allows jewelry to be seen. The olive green jacket is the perfect amount of looking lightweight while still keeping you warm when walking out into the freezing cold.

Cross-body bags are all the rage right now as they are hard to lose and can hold everything you need. This Fashionista had a brown bag to match with the boots she had on. To top it off, this Fashionista has a unique necklace that draws attention to it, making it the focal point of the outfit as the rest of the outfit is fairly neutral. Overall this look is the perfect winter look to keep anyone looking fashionable and warm all at the same time.

One Simple Change: If you want to spice up the outfit a little bit when the weather gets a little warmer this spring, go with a patterned sweater and no jacket for a little extra flare, and not as hot when the weather isn’t freezing!