February 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

When I think of fashion trends, I often associate them with warm weather and summer months. It is easy to fall into the habit of throwing together outfits that consist of sweatpants and T-shirts from the night before. We all love to save our stylish outfits for sunny days so that we don’t have to cover them up with heavy coats. Well, lo and behold, this Fashionista has absolutely no problem when it comes to bringing out her personal style in lower temperatures! Wearing leather in the summer may be a bit sticky and uncomfortable, but this Fashionista proves that it’s a great winter addition.

This Fashionista struts down the Binghamton University hallways sporting a black and white ensemble that suggests she has no fear of the cold. Her sleek black leather-patched leggings are the perfect addition because they are thick enough for warmth. Every girl loves throwing on a pair of leggings for comfort and these take it to the next level because the leather patches add a trendy spark. The slouchy white shirt adds simplicity to the outfit while the floral bandeau peeks out and adds a touch of color. Black booties are usually the key to topping off any look and this Fashionista does it quite well. The silver chain hugging the heel creates a slight edge to the outfit, which emphasizes the idea that fashion accentuates personality. This outfit is suitable for the higher winter temperatures and can be paired with a parka to combat the lower temperatures.

One Simple Change: Now that you are confident in how to stay super trendy in the winter, take it a step further and try switching it up for a girl’s night out. Simply swap out the booties for a pair of patent leather pumps and you will be ready to take on the night with your girlfriends!