New York City just finished digging itself out from one of the biggest blizzards in its history. However, the freezing cold has lingered. You still need to bundle up whether you’re walking across the street to class or heading out to admire the city’s beauty in Central Park. Fighting the chill is not easy, especially when you’re trying to look chic instead of like a giant marshmallow. This Fashionista isn’t letting the cold weather keep her from looking stylish and staying warm.

The key to this look is the base layer. The big turtleneck is perfect because the thick knitting keeps her warm without adding too much bulk. This sweater is also working double duty as the turtleneck can take the place of a scarf, taking away the need for another layer on top of the outfit. The dark, wash denim is key too. Leggings aren’t going to keep out the crisp winds the way a pair of jeans will. This Fashionista keeps herself warm down to her toes with waterproof, leather, Cole Haan booties. Don’t forget to wear them with wool socks or else your toes will freeze while walking through the slushy aftermath of a snowstorm. To top off her layers, she threw on a gorgeous, Burberry down parka. Olive green stands out amongst the sea of black coats in the city. The length is key here, too; the longer the coat, the more your body is protected from the wind. The belt and fox fur hood are great features too. Down coats can make even the slimmest people look puffy. This Fashionista creates a girly shape with the waist cinching belt. The fox fur hood is a cute pop of texture that brings the coat to life.

The finishing touches to this winter look are her accessories. The dual-metal stack adds a little bit of sparkle to all the solids in her outfit. Her Louis Vuitton has a much needed cross body strap so she doesn’t have to worry about her hands freezing to carry her bag. To top everything off, this Fashionista rocks a pair of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. Despite the cold weather, they are necessary with the sun reflecting off the snow.

One Simple Change: Has another blizzard suddenly hit? Swap out booties for a pair of Hunter Boots or other snow boots. Add a hat and gloves and you’re ready to go play in the cold weather.