February 12th, 2016 at 2:10am

My favorite part about the chilly months of winter is outfit layering. I love bold statement coats, fun patterned scarves and chic boots. I love the depth created by a winter outfit because of all the elements they include. Being a newcomer to the city of about two weeks, I have quickly come to realize I walk about 10 to 15 blocks a day no matter what I’m doing. So because of all the walking, layers make it easy to bundle up but also take some off. It is pretty cold when you first go out but then you can take some layers off once you are heating up from walking.

This is exactly what this Fashionista did. On her way to ice skate at Bryant Park for the afternoon, she was well prepared for about 20 blocks of walking as well as a fun day at the rink. Keeping the look very monochromatic, like any other New Yorker typically does, she used shades of gray and black to create this outfit. A simple black scarf, a nicely tailored jacket and sophisticated suede booties are the highlights of her look. Keeping the look casual the Fashionista work some jeans and a cute comfy sweater to stay cozy. To make jeans look more tailored, cuff the bottoms an inch or so just like this Fashionista.

One Simple Change: Going to support your school’s sports teams? Switch the cozy sweater for a long sleeve T-shirt that reps your school and add a fun beanie hat.