Finally, at last, the time has come to wipe the dust off your winter coats and parkas because winter has arrived. Although the average student will either tell you they love the snow or, more commonly, hate the cold dry wind hitting their faces on the way to class, the energy around school is high and mighty.

One of the perks of this frigid weather? The comfort and style of the season’s attire. This Fashionista, a public relations major here at Penn State, knows how to expertly balance style and warmth. In this day and age, style hybrids between decades are more often seen on today’s runways. Going the ’90s route, this Fashionista sports the classic Dr. Martens, black tattoo choker and high-waisted blue jegging. The patterned red crewneck sweater under the black furry cardigan screams laid-back ’70s winter paradise.

What’s really perfect with these classic Dr. Martens are that they’re patented leather with a rubber sole, which helps protect against the harsh winter elements. This Fashionista also wears gray ankle socks for added warmth as well as clubmaster-styled sunglasses. The faux leather bag adds a light, chic touch that will wow your classmates.

One Simple Change: Going on a lunch date after class with your new crush? Go for a sleeker style with straightened hair and a secondary statement necklace. Drop the backpack off at home and grab a cute but casual black tote.