With temperatures around minus four degrees Celsius it is enough initiative to stay inside and huddle around a fire. Yet it is a sweet relief for Canadians in comparison to the normally brutal winters that they are accustomed to. While most people would cringe in this type of weather this Fashionisto “doesn’t really feel the cold anymore.” He embraces the “warm weather” with both arms by mixing runway fashion trends from this current season and the upcoming spring season.

The three-quarter length bomber is perfectly chic for this winter and the khaki color is trending on runways for the spring season among designers such as Calvin Klein, Lemaire and Umit Benan. The long length of the jacket, similar to the Fear of God LA long bomber, not only adds something different to the classic look of the bomber jacket but also is extra protection against the cold. By layering a long T-shirt from Zanerobe and a swanky aviator jacket from Zara, he adds extra warmth and dimension to the outfit. Similar to Justin Bieber’s style this Fashionisto plays with the different length of his garments to add an eye-catching aspect to his outfit.

Layering during the winter can easily become sloppy and unpleasant but the minimalistic pieces of the Fashionisto’s outfit keeps the ensemble sleek and stylish. The cool tones blend together flawlessly to tie the entire outfit together. Not only does the khaki jacket stay trendy for the upcoming season; it is a welcome pop of color against the sea of black Pajar jackets commonly roaming the streets of Montreal, all the while still staying warm.

One Simple Change: Replace the sturdy Cole Haan shoes for some classic and lightweight, white Stan Smith adidas and forgoing the aviator jacket for a long scarf, from Zara, will make this outfit perfect for the fast approaching spring season.