As the winter chill approaches it can seem more than ideal to avoid going outside at all. The best plan may seem like curling up on the couch for hot choloclate and watching movies by a fire, never dealing with the horrible weather at all. Unfortunately, this is not possible for your average East Coast college student. We live on college campuses and have to walk long distances to class, for dining and social events. When the temperatures turn to freezing and most of your days are spent walking around campus, dressing for the occasion can be difficult. This Fashionisto shows us how he stays warm while still looking presentable for class.
Carhartt jackets can be an excellent option for men in the cold. They are designed for working outside and bearing the elements so they are highly insulated and windproof. Their canvas exterior also provides a unique and trendy twist that sets it apart from the common wool jacket.  He also wears a thermal top underneath his coat for an extra layer of warmth and style. This top is the same material that many cold weather clothes are made out of, but since our Fashionisto chose a fitted gray Polo version, the shirt still looks chic and stylish.  His boots are the perfect shoe for men in the winter. Timberland boots are a warm and sturdy boot, but they are also a great statement piece.
One Simple Change: Going out rather than to class in the winter? Switch the tan Carhartt jacket for a dark gray or black one for more of an evening look.